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About Us

A clean and safe environment is a prerequisite for health and quality of life. Eurofins Environment Testing America contributes to this by providing market-leading laboratory testing, monitoring and consulting services to a wide range of industrial companies, environmental consultants, contractors, retailers and government authorities.

With a constant focus on regulatory compliance, our network of environmental laboratories performs analysis of drinking water, groundwater, seawater, soil, air and tissue using state-of-the-art analytical methods to assess their quality and impact on health and the environment.

Water Testing

We have extensive capabilities in water testing and perform all relevant chemical, radiological and microbiological tests within:

Vapor & Air Testing

Eurofins performs analysis of air using a wide range of EPA, ASTM and Toxic Organic methods with capabilities and project experience ranging from routine analysis to sophisticated technical services, including the development of test methodologies for:

  • Air Quality Assessments
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Source Testing
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessments

Materials VOC Testing

Eurofins supports manufacturers, building and environmental consultants and indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists by offering a suite of testing services for compliance demonstration with indoor air quality, low emitting product and material transparency requirements of:

  • Green Building Rating Programs (e.g., LEED, CHPS)
  • Government Regulations (CARB, EPA)
  • Product Certifications (e.g., IA Gold, C2C)

Soil Testing

Eurofins works closely with environmental engineering consultants, specialists in land condition, remediation contractors and waste management operators to perform comprehensive analysis to identify environmental contaminants of concern in:

Tissues Testing

Eurofins has a wide range of capabilities and experience with the analysis of tissue samples to support environmental risk and exposure studies. Sample preparation and techniques for the analysis of environmental contaminants include:

  • Biota
  • Animal Tissue
  • Whole Tissue vs. Edible Portion
  • Fat Isolation and Determination
  • Freeze Drying and Moisture Management

Typical Analyses