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Proficiency Testing: An Important Component of a Testing Laboratory’s Quality System

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Left to their own devices, many testing laboratories would operate in relative isolation from other laboratories, missing opportunities to compare their data with others. The risks associated with that approach include flawed or bias data. 

Proficiency testing provides an opportunity for a laboratory to compare its data with that of other laboratories and have an independent appraisal of the laboratory’s data compared to reference values or to the performance of other laboratories. The results from such participation provide laboratory managers with either a confirmation that the laboratory’s performance is satisfactory or an alert that investigation of potential problems within the laboratory is required.

When proficiency testing is an ongoing program, participation also provides laboratory management with continuous monitoring of the comparability of the laboratory’s data and of its continuing effectiveness in the relevant tests involved. If competent performance is demonstrated, this leads to a number of other potential benefits such as:

  • Identifying testing problems;
  • Comparing methods or procedures;
  • Validating new methods;
  • Comparing prep technicians or analysts capabilities;
  • Improving the performance of a method, prep technician or analyst;
  • Educating staff;
  • Instilling confidence in staff, management and clients;
  • Satisfying regulators and accreditation bodies.

Ask your testing laboratory how many proficiency tests and inter-laboratory studies they participated in last year, then ask about their scores.

Results from Eurofins laboratories

Eurofins Air Toxics

Eurofins Air Toxics participated in five proficiency tests in 2017, and reported 287 results.

Eurofins Calscience

Eurofins Calscience participated in 27 proficiency testing studies and reported over 2,800 results.

Eurofins CEI

Eurofins CEI participated in 32 proficiency testing / inter-lab studies in 2017, and received 156 results on test items.

Eurofins Eaton Analytical

Eurofins Eaton Analytical had 24 proficiency tests and inter-lab studies, and reported 915 analyte results.

Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences

Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences participated in 34 proficiency testing and inter-laboratory studies in 2017 and reported almost 900 results. Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences' results were accurate 99.3% of the time, within the limits of the study.

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental

For the past year to date, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental reported 5134 results in 41 studies with a pass rate of 98.9%.

Eurofins QC

In 2017, Eurofins QC had 33 proficiency tests with 371 results reported, and a passing rate of 98%.

Eurofins Spectrum Analytical 

Eurofins Spectrum Analytical, in Agawam, MA, participated in 27 PT studies and reported 1983 results in 2017.

Eurofins Environment Testing laboratories’ consistently high scores in routine proficiency testing guarantees your results are some of the most accurate and precise numbers in the industry. Contact us today to see what Eurofins can do for you.