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Entrepreneurs create nimble laboratories

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By Michael Flournoy, President, Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences

In my career, I am fortunate to have worked with medium-size labs and with large labs. Typically as organizations grow, they grow in the following:

  • Infrastructure
  • Financial backing for equipment
  • Administration resources such as HR
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Some oversight functions such as quality and safety.

Being part of a larger organization does help stabilize necessary functions of business that are often accidentally overlooked or even purposefully overlooked because of lack of resources.

When a business grows with the goal of centralization, sometimes the quality of customer service can deteriorate. Quite simply, they cannot adapt to ever-changing customer needs. I have not seen this unfortunate byproduct with Eurofins. I spent some time attempting to identify why my business does not fit the mold.

Our organization is at a clear advantage with the array of services and tools available from infrastructure to the oversight functions. The only difference is the inimitable spirit of Eurofins.

Eurofins is unique in that we are able to be a large organization and still streamline the customer experience. Our leader Gilles Martin has expressed the importance of entrepreneurship and using our abilities to cater to every customer.

For Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences, all of our customers are considered our top customer. We strive to take extra care and consideration for their needs. In fact, being a specialty laboratory focused on trace heavy metals and metals speciation, we work to exceed customer requirements with the goal to make each interaction a positive and satisfying experience.

An additional note – we do know our customers have many other needs outside of trace heavy metals testing and metals speciation. Our parent organization can easily join the conversation, align to their goals, and provide customers with broad analytical support, nationally and internationally. Especially with Eurofins' consistent growth in all analytical markets, we can take on more projects of varying complexity.

I am proud to be part of Eurofins Environment Testing and the largest analytical testing organization in the world. I work each day to be an entrepreneur in a very nimble laboratory that listens to, and serves customers near and far.


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