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Field Sampling Capabilities of Eurofins QC

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Pool LanesRobert Diebold, Field Services, Eurofins QC

Eurofins QC (EQC) is the premier logistics and field services business unit in the Eurofins Environment Testing US family of companies. Primarily covering Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York, we offer a variety of sampling approaches with a focus on quality and timely service. Our field services offerings include sample collections for public recreational bathing facilities, the dairy industry, and a wide range of environmental clients. To complement our field sampling capabilities, we maintain accreditations for the field analyses of pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and free and total chlorine.

In the environmental field, Eurofins QC employs teams of experienced and trained field technicians with expertise in drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, soil and other solid matrices, and storm water. Many of our field technicians are degreed scientists and/or have OSHA HAZWOPER certifications, and have other credentials specific to their individual workload. In addition, all of our field-sampling technicians have thorough training that includes demonstrations of capability (DOCs) for all performed field analyses. For both compliance and investigation sampling, we apply our sample collection methods to the needs of each individual client.

Eurofins QC understands that many sample parameters are highly sensitive, and we model our strategies with the ultimate goal of sample integrity – we have sampling procedures specific to PFAS and other emerging contaminants in drinking water; DRBC Protocol for PCB congeners in wastewater; low-flow and slow-flow purging and sampling in groundwater; and compositing and amending of soil and dredge samples, just to name a few. We own new, state-of-the-art field meters, and a diverse array of sampling pumps and compositors to provide the best custom service to each of our environmental clients.

In our public recreational bathing (PRB) sampling department, we collect samples from pools, spas, lakes and other water recreation facilities, strictly adhering to the regulations of the various state and local authorities. With three conveniently located labs in our facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we can cover a large area while adhering to the short hold times required for these compliance samples. In 2019, Eurofins QC has invested in new PRB field meters to further improve our service to these clients. For each summer season, we amend our permanent staff with seasonal PRB technicians, many of whom come back to us year after year to be a part of our field sampling team.

In our dairy sampling department, we collect milk and frozen dessert samples to be analyzed by our sister lab located under the same roof as our Horsham, PA office and laboratory. A recent addition to our field services arsenal, dairy sampling has allowed us to extend our reach north and west beyond our traditional service area, facilitating growth in our other fields of service as well. Our sampling technicians are PA Department of Agriculture-certified for sample collection and transport, and we employ their tried-and-true sample collection approach across our service area. In addition, we meet supplementary client-specific sampling requirements as requested.

For all of our customers’ needs large and small, Eurofins QC is dedicated to maintaining sample integrity and impeccable customer service, setting the standard for the environmental logistics industry.