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Recreational Bathing Water in the State of Pennsylvania

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We’re only a week into spring, but the summer is nearing and Eurofins QC wants to take a minute to remind pool owners and operators of the PA Bathing Water regulations. Knowing these regulations will help you know how to stay in compliance, keep your pool open throughout your whole season and keep your pool members happy. Based on the Pennsylvania Code chapter 18.31, “Testing and analysis of water samples shall be performed by competent personnel at a drinking water environmental laboratory that is required to register with the Department of Environmental Protection … for the testing of E. coli in water samples taken from waters designated for primary contact recreation.”

The PADEP requires all public bathing facilities, including pools and spas, to monitor bacteriological quality of the water on a weekly basis. As a state certified laboratory, Eurofins QC provides our clients with courier services, sampling and bacteriological analyses for their pools, spas and/or lakes. Eurofins QC reports results directly to the health department and client. We always want to see our clients’ pools, spas and lakes pass based on state standards; however, if the sample is considered “failing,” the client and health department are notified within 24 hours of receipt of results. A resample is automatically scheduled to be collected within 24-72 hours of this notification to get our clients back in compliance as quickly as possible.

There are a few differences in the regulatory requirements from county to county within the state of Pennsylvania. Eurofins QC always encourages our clients to check with their local health department regarding their specific set of rules and regulations

For example: Bucks County also requires the test for Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) to accompany any Bacteriological test for pools and Spas.

Pennsylvania Lake requirements differ from pools and spas because lakes require E.coli testing in place of the standard Total Coliform with E. coli conformation. E. coli has an 8 hour hold time, which is much shorter than your HPC or Total Coliform tests.

Eurofins QC learns and acknowledges each regulation, so that we can do our part in keeping our clients in compliance!