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Highlight on Marine Chemistry from Eurofins Calscience

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Kimberly Banks, Strategic Sales and Marketing, Eurofins Calscience

The United States is a maritime nation with 95 percent of our international trade moving through our ports. Seeking higher efficiency and lower costs, cargo carriers are building larger ships, so waterways must modernize to accommodate the deep-draft ships.

Port construction and maintenance activities have an impact on the marine environment and require testing and monitoring programs. Eurofins Calscience has extensive experience with marine chemistry related projects, supporting an array of sediment programs including, but not limited to: dredged material projects; contaminated sediment remediation projects; sediment capping and water quality assessment; Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) studies and compliance initiatives.

Eurofins Calscience offers the most accurate analysis of sediments, surface waters, tissues, pore water, groundwater, and soils of comparable environmental laboratories. Common chemicals of potential concern (COPCs) that we test for are included in the following graphic:

marine chemistry

The low-level analysis of sediment, tissues, pore water, and elutriates requires specialized instrumentation and sample cleanup/preparation procedures to achieve the low reporting limits required for these parameters.

For many years Eurofins Calscience has gained in-depth experience handling these difficult matrices, and has incorporated these processes into our Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the highest level of data quality. Contact Eurofins Calscience for an uncomplicated experience that delivers comprehensive and precise marine chemistry results.

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