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New Soil Vapor Kit streamlines soil gas sampling

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Eurofins Air Toxics

Simplify your next soil gas project by using the Waterloo Membrane Sampler™ (WMS™) and the new Eurofins Air Toxics WMS Soil Vapor Kit. The WMS device is an innovative passive permeation sampler capable of quantitatively measuring soil gas VOC concentrations, making the WMS passive technology an appealing alternative to the often challenging TO-15 canister soil gas extraction process.

To support the field sampling effort, the WMS Soil Vapor Kit includes all necessary consumable items needed for deployment contained in a rugged Pelican case, which also serves as the shipping container. The contents are customizable to cover a range of sampling depths and bore-hole sizes.

Additionally, several WMS configurations are available to accommodate expected site conditions, including a new version equipped with a thick membrane, optimal for measuring VOCs in very wet and/or clay-type soils.

For more information on the WMS technology and the Eurofins Air Toxics WMS Soil Vapor Kit, please contact one of our experienced Project Managers at