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Eaton to receive Dr. Charlie W. Carter Award at Environmental Measurement Symposium

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The NELAC Institute has announced that this year’s recipient of the Dr. Charlie W. Carter Award is Dr. Andy Eaton, Vice President and Technical Director of Eurofins Eaton Analytical.

Dr. Eaton is the second recipient of the Dr. Charlie W. Carter Award and will accept at the National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC) as part of the Environmental Measurement Symposium held jointly with the Forum on Environmental Accreditation.

This award recognizes a “technically competent individual and leader in the environmental measurement, monitoring, or laboratory industry, embodying Dr. Charles W. Carter’s strengths in scientific expertise, communication and mentoring,” as written on the website. The eponymous Dr. Carter worked for the environmental laboratory industry for over 30 years. As an industry leader, he was involved in many environmental organizations and frequently spoke at conferences, forums, and meetings.

This year’s conference is being held in Washington, D.C. from August 7-11. NEMC is the largest conference in North America focused on environmental measurements. Dr. Eaton will deliver the keynote address titled, “Reflections on 40 Years of Saying Yes (and the Occasional No),” on Monday, August 7, to open the conference.

As a Board Certified Environmental Scientist and PhD in Geochemistry, Dr. Eaton has over 40 years of environmental experience, including over 37 years with Eurofins Eaton Analytical. He is a member of the Joint Editorial Board of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater and serves on multiple national, state, and industry committees evaluating data quality. He has served as a co-principal investigator on various water quality research projects and studies of emerging contaminants. His expertise and experience has focused on analytical methods development and issues of detection, quantitation, and monitoring programs.

Dr. Eaton provides technical direction for a staff of nearly 150 chemists and microbiologists, performing compliance and R&D testing for utilities, government agencies, and private companies across the nation. Additionally, he has over 75 publications and presentations in the area of analytical chemistry, quality assurance, monitoring, and detection and quantitation issues, most recently focusing on PPCPs, Cr(VI), PFAS and UCMR4.

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