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New microextraction procedures

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In addition to the current solid-phase microextraction (SPME) procedures, Eurofins Calscience has completed the validation of EPA Method 3511, Organic Compounds in Water by Microextraction. We are now accepting samples collected in 40-mL VOA vials for the analyses of Diesel Range Organics by EPA Method 8015B and Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons by EPA Method 8270C SIM. Advantages of microextraction are as follows:

  • No impact on reporting limits between EPA Method 3511 and traditional large volume extraction methods;
  • Less overall time/labor required during field sampling resulting in lower costs;
  • 95% reduction in solvent usage;
  • Reduction in the total amount of sample water that will be disposed of or treated/recycled;
  • Less consumables (e.g., uses 40-mL VOA vials versus 1-L amber glass bottles);
  • Lower risk of bottle breakage during shipping;
  • Reduced shipping costs.

Coming soon - Extractions for EPA Methods 8081, 8082, and 8270 using 250-mL bottles!