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Testing Services

Air and Vapor

Indoor Air Quality, Ambient Air Monitoring,
Vapor Intrusion, EPA Method 325


Asbestos analysis for soil, air, wastewater, drinking water, consumer products, construction materials by TEM/PLM/PCM

Drinking Water/Potable Water

UCMR4, Disinfection By Products, Radioactivity,
Arsenic, PFAS, Algal Toxins, Hexavalent Chromium,
LT2, Water in Food

Groundwater/Surface Water/Non-potable Water

Volatiles, Semivolatiles, Pesticides/PCBs, Metals

Metals and Metal Speciation

Trace metals in air, water, sediments and tissues


Non-Viable Mold, Viable Mold, Water Microbiology

PFAS Analysis

PFAS analysis for soil, wastewater and drinking water, for an expanded list of PFAS compounds including GenX

Sediment and Tissue

Dioxins/Furans, Inorganics, Metals, Sludge, AVS/SEM, Grain/Particle Size, Total Organic Carbon, PCBs, PAHs

Soil and Hazardous Waste

TCLP, Selective Ion Monitoring, PCBs/Aroclors

Specialty Services

A wide range of specialty services offering
more methods and expanded services

General Environment
Testing Services

Analytical services offered on varied environmental matrices including drinking water, water, soil, sediment, tissue and consumer products

Oil, Fuel and Grease

Biodiesel, Engine Oil, Natural Gas Engine Oil,
Transmission Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Diesel Fuel