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Air and Vapor Analysis

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As a pioneer in air analysis, Eurofins has been providing volatiles in air analysis to our clients for more than 25 years with the implementation of our first TO-14 analysis in 1989. Specializing in the analysis of air using a wide range of EPA, and ASTM methods, as well as methods for state agencies, our capabilities range from pptv analysis of ambient air to identifying organics in high level sources; and from routine analysis to sophisticated special technical services.

Our laboratories hold the following accreditations:

  • State Registration & Certifications – We hold certifications in 26 states and are registered in 21 other states without certification programs, enabling us to perform air testing in 47 states.
  • Method TO-15 - While most states do not offer air accreditation, we are certified for air analysis by EPA Method TO-15 in eight states that offer the certification, including New York, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Utah, New Jersey.
  • NAICS Certification - We operate under NAICS code 541380 and have obtained certifications from California and New York, under their specific business programs.
  • National Programs - We are certified under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP/ELAP), accredited by the Department of Defense, and hold individual certification with several states that require air laboratory certification.

Indoor Air Quality
Eurofins offers a wide variety of analyses useful for conducting indoor air quality assessments ranging from ultra-low detections using an EPA TO method or monitoring exposures over time with a NIOSH approach. Our analytical offerings include methods for volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, atmospheric gases, aldehydes and sulfur compounds, either as full screens or individual analytes. Our laboratories are equipped with specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to meet the low limits often specified for indoor air analysis.

Ambient Air Monitoring
Our ambient air monitoring capabilities cover the conventional EPA TO methods for VOCs, SVOCs, aldehydes and particulate matter (PM10). Capabilities also include alternative methods based on passive sorbent technology such as EPA 325 which provides time-integrated VOC measurements to support fence-line monitoring at refineries as well as other ambient monitoring applications.

Vapor Intrusion Investigations
Eurofins provides comprehensive analytical solutions for Vapor Intrusion (VI) investigations. To meet the sampling and analytical challenges posed by VI investigations, we have conducted numerous studies to assist the regulatory community and VI practitioners in determining best practices for the field and lab. We routinely provide analysis for high concentration soil vapor samples while maintaining specialized equipment and methods to meet the challenging low reporting limits required for indoor air measurements.