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Vapor Intrusion Investigations

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Eurofins continues to provide comprehensive analytical solutions for Vapor Intrusion Investigations. We've analyzed tens of thousands of soil gas, indoor and ambient air samples using TO-15 canisters as well as active and passive sorbent samplers.

What we offer

  • Over 25 years of air testing expertise and proven performance as the air laboratory for vapor intrusion investigations across the country and around the world.

  • NELAP and DoD accreditation as well as state certifications, where applicable

  • Active involvement in evaluating and designing sampling and analytical protocols to meet the challenges of soil gas and indoor air testing for VI investigations. This includes:
    • Evaluation of the impact of sample equipment on soil gas measurements which resulted in identification of the optimal tubing material
    • Assessment of sorbent tubes for naphthalene and middle distillate fuel measurements in soil gas
    • Evaluation of various leak check compounds and selection considerations
    • Development of a helium shroud for leak checks during sample collection
    • Evaluation of passive sorbent samplers for long-term indoor air sample collection including Radiello, SKC Ultra, OVM badges, ATD tubes and Waterloo Membrane Samplers (WMS).
    • Application of the WMS-Low uptake sampler for soil gas measurements
  • Continuous investment in canisters, flow controllers and instrumentation resulting in one of the largest single site media inventories in the country.

  • Numerous instruments providing simultaneous full scan and SIM analysis to provide useful and defensible data, even in high-level samples

  • Project managers who will walk you through project set-up and oversee project from media order placement to invoicing.
    Our Experience

  • Endicott, NY: Chlorinated solvent plume; Eurofins was the primary air/vapor laboratory for initial investigation and ongoing monitoring; over 7,500 samples analyzed for EPA TO-15.

  • Hartford, IL: Large petroleum plume; Eurofins was the primary air/vapor laboratory for investigation and ongoing monitoring of soil gas, indoor and ambient air; over 13,000 samples analyzed by TO-15 and ASTM D-1946 over a 3-year period.

  • Superfund MEW Site, Silicon Valley, CA: EPA ordered assessment for their 5-year review plan; sampled multiple buildings over 6 months; more than 3,000 samples for TO-15 and TO-15 SIM analysis, including TCE at 3 pptv RL; contracted with multiple consulting firms.

  • EPA Indianapolis Research House: With the goal of evaluating temporal variability of VOC concentrations in indoor air at a residence with a vapor intrusion pathway, passive samplers were deployed on a weekly basis to gather baseline concentrations. Various types of passive sorbent samplers were deployed concurrently to evaluate a range of sampling intervals from daily to year-long periods. Eurofins  provided both technical guidance and analytical support for the entire passive sorbent program. (www.epa.gov/esd/cmb/pdf/EPA600-R-09-073.pdf).