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Aquatic Toxicology Analysis

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Aquatic Toxicology AnalysisAquatic Toxicology is an analysis which studies the adverse effects of chemicals on aquatic organisms. These organisms are subjected to varying concentrations of an aqueous solution to determine if lethal or sub-lethal effects are observed. Bioassay tests can also be applied to soil and sediment materials with plant and terrestrial invertebrate species.

As one of the premier aquatic toxicology laboratories in the Mid-Atlantic, our experts have been providing bioassay services to wastewater clients in support of the Clean Water Act (CWA) since 1987. We have a long history of helping clients meet their compliance requirements and solving problems for those who have toxicity issues.

Our Aquatic Toxicology Analysis Capabilities

We offer a broad range of aquatic toxicology testing including the design of client-specific test protocols required to satisfy CWA specifications and other non-wastewater needs.

Our testing capabilities include:

  • Acute and Chronic While Effluent Toxicity testing with freshwater and marine species
  • Sediment/Soil Assays
  • Toxicity Identification Evaluations (TIEs)
  • Chlorophyll a analysis
  • Water Effect Ratios (WERs)
  • Pure compound testing
  • Stream surveys (biological/chemical) for impact and eutrophication studies
  • Field sampling
  • Completely customized testing

All testing is conducted in our state-of-the-art facility designed specifically for aquatic toxicology testing. All of our aquatic toxicology tests are performed in accordance with USEPA methods. If required, customized protocols are employed for non-wastewater sources to comply with other regulatory agency requirements.

Our culture laboratory consists of systems designed for the purpose of breeding healthy organisms with genetic traceability. Monthly Standard Reference Toxicant (SRT) tests are performed on all organisms cultured in house. Concurrent SRT tests are performed on organisms brought in from outside culture laboratories. All SRT data is graphed and evaluated for consistency.

Methods for Routine Bioassay Testing

Species Method
Pimephales promelas (Fathead Minnow) EPA 1000.0; 2000.0
Ceriodaphnia dubia (Water Flea) EPA 1002.0; 2002.0
Selenastrum capricornutum (Microalga) EPA 1003
Cyprinodon variegatus (Sheepshead Minnow) EPA 1004; 2004.0
Menidia beryllina (Inland Silverside) EPA 1006; 2006.0
Mysidopsis bahia (Mysid Shrimp) EPA 1007; 2007.0
Cyprinella leedsi (Bannerfin Shiner) EPA 2000.0
Daphnia pulex (Water Flea) EPA 2021.0
Hyalella azteca EPA 100.1 / 100.4
Chironomus dilutus (formerly tentans) EPA 100.2 / 100.5
Lumbriculus variegatus EPA 100.3
Other specialized testing on demand  

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