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Meeting the EPA's MCL of 0.010 mg/L for arsenic and assessing treatment options takes extremely accurate analysis at levels well below 0.010 mg/L. We’re highly qualified to conduct it for you. As early as 1994, Eurofins evaluated analytical methods for arsenic on behalf of both AWWA and the American Water Works Research Foundation (AWWARF). We also provided expert review of aspects of the proposed Arsenic Rule to USEPA. In 2004, when California proposed an ultra-low public health goal for arsenic of 4 parts per trillion (0.004 ug/L), Eurofins developed a technique to allow us to quantify arsenic at levels as low as 0.0001 mg/L.  We also have the capability to do separation of arsenic species, a key factor for assessing treatment options.

This experience, coupled with state-of-the-art ICPMS metals analysis equipment and sophisticated techniques like preservation and separation of arsenic species, helps give you the precise data you need.