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Swimming Pool and Recreational Bathing Facility Testing

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With knowledgeable staff regarding all of the different requirements for swimming pool and recreational bathing facilities, Eurofins provides sampling and analysis services to commercial recreational water clients who are required to demonstrate compliance with state and county health department requirements for recreational bathing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Services are provided to:

  • hotels
  • motels
  • private swim clubs
  • municipal pools
  • commercial pool management companies

Eurofins has laboratories accredited to state-specific requirements in Horsham, PA; East Rutherford, NJ and Vineland, NJ and are able to perform the required analysis needs for your site. 

Unsure of your requirements? We can help!

Courier and Field Services

Eurofins has highly qualified field sampling staff that provides on-site sampling and courier services to any of our laboratory locations. We maintain an extensive courier fleet to provide sample bottle delivery, sample pick up and sample collection services. Our courier and field services staff is trained in all aspects of sampling including custody procedures, sample documentation, chemical and thermal sample preservation and cross contamination elimination techniques.

New Jersey Specific Regulation Changes

The regulation around testing your swimming pools and public recreational bathing sources has changed!

As of January 16, 2018 the New Jersey Department of Health has updated their State Sanitary Code, Chapter IX, Public Recreational Bathing (N.J.A.C 8:26). These changes include:

  • The time between sample collection and analysis at the lab has gone from 30 hours to 8 hours for the analysis of pools, spas and aquatic facilities.
  • Prior to opening for the season, pools, spas or any aquatic recreational facility must have a water sample collected
  • All notifications of bacterial exceedances to clients and the health department must be completed within one hour of determining the result.
  • Resamples must be collected and analyzed within 24 hours upon notification of an unsatisfactory result.

Contact Eurofins now to schedule your sampling and analysis to ensure you stay in compliance with these regulation changes!