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Eurofins offers you analysis ranging from PAHs to full scan appendix IX, and we have developed many special analysis methods for compounds including large volume injection (LVI) and other techniques.

Testing available:


  • 8270
  • SIM
  • 625
  • 525
  • 1,4 Dioxane

Why choose Eurofins?

  • We have worked with virtually every type of semivolatile compound class.
  • Our in-depth expertise in Method Development for semivolatiles compounds can successfully transition your Method Development into the laboratory production environment.
  • Our experience with soils, sediments, tissue and aqueous samples allow us to apply the appropriate extraction, cleanup and analysis techniques to meet the most stringent regulatory limits.

Instrumentation used:

  • GC/MS
    * Includes two Thermo Scientific DSQ II single quadrupole systems  (12 units)

Reduced Volume

Eurofins is committed to establishing techniques and procedures that reduce waste, decrease our carbon footprint, and maximize efficiency. To that end, we have been focused on reducing the sample volume needed for extractable analyses in water samples.

We are now using 250ml sample volume for testing Semivolatiles by EPA method 625.

This change will be applied to all samples with the exception of those collected in South Carolina and Alaska. A list of compounds that can be reported by this method and the detection limits that are achieved can be found here. The volume reduction is not considered a modification to the method, and the data is method compliant. Certifications will not be affected.