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Analytical Services for Shale Oil and Gas Exploration

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drilling shale oil and gas

Shale Oil.jpgFrom the initial site survey through site closure, Eurofins supports all stages of shale oil and gas exploration efforts. With more than 50 years of environmental testing experience, we offer a comprehensive scope of analytical testing services, field expertise, dedicated program management and litigation support to help you manage your shale gas development cycle.

Whether you are in need of baseline groundwater analysis or more specialized testing, Eurofins can provide the expert testing support needed to help you achieve your goals for environmental compliance, project profitability and timely completion.

Why choose Eurofins?

  • We are NELAP-accredited with state certifications covering all of the major shale plays.
  • Our facility provides the capacity to meet demanding sampling events and our technical and support staff works around the clock to accommodate rush turnaround times.
  • We have dedicated program managers and project managers to support your project and offer 24/7 data access and prompt reporting.
  • Our emergency response capabilities allow us to respond immediately to resolve all of your emergency environmental testing needs by calling 717-556-7300.

Analytical Services

  • Pre- and Post-Drilling Water Source Testing
  • Emergency and Spill Response
  • Waste/Wastewater Characterization
  • Ambient Air Quality Analysis
  • Flowback and Produced Waters Characterization

Specialty Services

Eurofins also has experience with highly specialized projects that require detailed investigation, custom method development, alternative sampling techniques or low-level detection.

We also perform specialized analyses, including:

  • Glycol Analysis
  • RSK-175 Testing
  • Analysis of Drill Materials
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Dissolved Gas/Stray Gas Analysis
  • Specialized Gas Analysis

Program Management

Sample Management

Courier and pack-and-ship services are provided throughout all Shale Gas regions in the U.S. Our couriers will pick up your samples, pack them in coolers and ice and transport them to our laboratory for analysis within the required hold time. Sample kits are also provided, complete with all necessary packing materials and detailed instructions for you to pack and ship your samples directly to us.

Once the samples arrive at our laboratory, our rigorous sample administration procedures and guidelines for sample handling and storage ensure the highest level of sample integrity to ensure appropriate sample unpacking, handling, temperature control and entry into our system.

Project Management

Our team of 20 project managers communicate project requirements with our laboratory personnel, answer questions, facilitate problem resolution and provide report and certification status. Our project managers work with the same clients on a regular basis, allowing them to anticipate and respond to challenges.

Our formal process for review and implementation of program, project and agency requirements gives you the confidence that we can successfully deliver your Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) and project requirements.

  • A single point of contact for all of your analytical needs
  • 24/7 online data access through myEOL
  • Communication via email when regulatory criteria is exceeded
  • Daily notification of samples received and results reported
  • Customizable EDD formats, including EQuIS

Quality Assurance

To ensure that we provide our clients with the highest quality, legally defensible data every time, Eurofins provides the following services above and beyond standard method compliance:

  • 100 percent data verification by dedicated technical and experienced data reviewers
  • Full compound list LCS and MS/MSD spikes
  • Method Detection Limits (MDLs) analyzed on every instrument, for each matrix and preparation method
  • MDL confirmation standards analyzed with each calibration to confirm the instruments ability to “detect” a concentration under specific conditions
  • Compliance with stringent client- and program-specific technical specifications
  • Extensive documentation and data storage protocols