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Metals Emissions Monitoring

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air emissions.jpgEPA published the Mercury Air Toxics Standards (MATS) regulation that requires any Electric Generating Unit (EGU) that produces over 25 MW of power to monitor mercury emitted from each emission point (stack) continuously. The EPA has allowed the use of both continuous mercury emissions monitoring (CEMS) and the Performance Specification 12B, continuous mercury sorbent trap method. All utilities are required to be monitoring mercury emissions by April 2016.

Back in 1994, through the critical support of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and additional industry teaming partners, Eurofins was the architect of the mercury emissions sorbent trap methods now known as EPA 30B/EPA PS12B.

We have been providing mercury emissions sorbent trap and analysis to the coal utility industry for nearly 20 years and therefore our mercury sorbent traps and analytical methods have undergone more validation, intercomparison and performance testing than any other sorbent trap and analysis method available to the industry.

Eurofins offers a full range of services to support the coal-fired utility industry including EPA 30B and EPA PS12B traps, traps analysis, on-site analysis support as well as mercury and metals fuels analysis.

The specific methods we support include:

  • EPA 30B: Total Vapor Phase Hg in Emissions Reference Method Using Hg Sorbent Traps
  • EPA PS12B: Total Vapor Phase Hg Continuous Emissions Method Using Hg Sorbent Traps
  • Mod EPA 30B: Hg Speciation In Emissions = PHg + Hg(II) + Hg(0)
  • EPA 29: Suite of Low-Level Metals in Emission
  • EPA 0061: Low-Level Hexavalent Mercury in Emissions

Additional Services We Offer:

  • On-Site EPA 30B RATA Analysis
  • EPA PS12B Monitoring Analysis
    • Package (Traps + Analysis)
    • Traps Only

Mercury Emissions Field Sampling Training:

  • Mercury Sorbent Trap Field Training
  • EPA 30B Sampling
  • EPA PS12B Sampling
  • FAMS Mercury Speciation Sampling
  • Low Mercury Mass Emitter

Emission Sampling Equipment Rentals:

  • EPA 30B Sample Boxes and Probes
  • LUMEX Equipment Rental

Coal Utility Wastewater Analysis

  • FGD Mercury and Metals (EPA 1631/1638)

Eurofins Mercury Emissions Sorbent Traps

  • EPA 30B-Total Vapor Phase Mercury - Unspiked Traps
  • EPA 30B-NIST traceable Hg Spiked Trap (Spike accuracy Guaranteed)
  • EPA 30B-Bulk Sorbent (Field Instrument Support) 
  • EPA 30B Modified—Hg Speciation = PHg+Hg0+Hg(II) (validated by both the DOE and EPA)
  • EPA 30B-Low Mass Mercury Emitter (High Flow 1-4 slpm) 
  • EPA PS12B-Continous Emissions Monitoring - Unspiked Traps
  • EPA PS12B -NIST Traceable Hg Spiked Traps (Spike accuracy Guaranteed)
  • EPA PS12B -Hg RATA Trap
  • Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences Selenium Traps