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List of Oil, Fuel and Grease Test Methods

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Analine Point ASTM D611 2 oz.
Ash, Sulfated ASTM D874 2 oz.
Analytical Ferrography   4 oz.
Ash Content ASTM D482 2 oz.
Bacteria Total Organisms ⁄ ml 2 oz.
Boiling Point ASTM D1120 4 oz.
Brake Fluid Contamination Extraction Method 4 oz.
Carbon Residue, Conradson Method ASTM D189 2 oz.
Carbon Residue, Ramsbottom Method ASTM D524 4 oz.
Cetane Number ASTM D613 2 gal.
Cetane Index, Calculated ASTM D976; D4737 8 oz.
Chloride Content ASTM D5827 4 oz.
C, H, N & O ASTM D5291 4 oz.
Cloud Point ASTM D2500 4 oz.
Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) ASTM D6371; IP–309 4 oz.
Color, ASTM ASTM D1500 4 oz.
Cone Penetration, (Worked) ASTM D217 2 lb.
Cone Penetration, (Unworked) ASTM D217 2 lb.
Corrosion, Copper Strip @122° F ASTM D130 2 oz.
Corrosion, Copper Strip @212° F ASTM D130 2 oz.
Demulsibility ASTM D2711 4 oz.
Density ASTM D287; D1298 4 oz.
Dielectric Strength or Breakdown ASTM D1816; D877 2 qt.
Direct Reading Ferrography   4 oz.
Dissolved Gas Analysis ASTM D3612 4 oz.
Distillation (IBP,10%,50%,90%,95%,Recovered) ASTM D86 8 oz.
Dropping Point ASTM D566 2 oz.
Elemental Analysis AES, ICP, ASTM D–6595,
D–4951, D–5185, D–5183
2 oz.
Emulsion Characteristics ASTM D–1401 4 oz.
Flash Point, (COC) ASTM D–92 4 oz.
Flash and Fire Point, (COC) ASTM D–92 4 oz.
Flash Point, (PMCC) ASTM D–93 4 oz.
Foaming Characteristics, Sequence I, II, III & IV ASTM D–892 2 qt.
Freeze Point, (Coolants) ASTM D–1177 4 oz.
Fuel Dilution in Oils ASTM D–3524, Fuel Sniffer 2 oz.
Fuel Soot FT–IR, Soot Meter 2 oz.
Gasoline Dilution of Used Crankcase Oil ASTM D–322 2 oz.
Glycol Based Anti–Freeze Determination in Oils ASTM D–2982 2 oz.
Glycols (Total) ASTM E–202 2 oz.
Gravity, (API), (Sp. Gr.), (Density) ASTM D–287, D–1298,
4 oz.
Halogens Test Kits 2 oz.
HFRR, (Lubricity, WSD, @ 60°C) ASTM D–6079 8 oz.
Infrared Analysis, (FT–IR) ASTM E–168 2 oz.
JFTOT ASTM D–3241 4 oz.
Lead in Gasoline ASTM D–3237 2 oz.
Microscopic Examination   2 oz.
Nitration, (FT–IR) ASTM E–168 2 oz.
Nitrates ASTM D–5827 2 oz.
Nitrites ASTM D–5827 2 oz.
Nitrogen, (Carlo Erba), (Kjeldahl) ASTM D–5291, D–3228 4 oz.
Octane, (Research & Motor) ASTM D–2699, D–2700 2 gal.
Oxidation, (FT–IR) ASTM E–168 2 oz.
Oxidation Stability, (Accelerated) ASTM D–2274 2 qt.
Oxygenates in Gasoline ASTM D–4815 4 oz.
Particle Count ISO 4406 4 oz.
Pentane Insolubles Membrane Filtration ASTM D–4055 4 oz.
Pentane Insolubles, (% vol.) ASTM D–893 4 oz.
Pentane Insolubles, (COAG) ASTM D–893 4 oz.
PH pH Meter, ASTM D–1287 2 oz.
Phosphates ASTM D–5827 2 oz.
Pour Point ASTM D–97 4 oz.
Reserve Alkalinity ASTM D–1121 2 oz.
Reid Vapor Pressure, (RVP) ASTM D–323 4 oz.
SAE Grade ASTM D–445 2 oz.
Saponification Number ASTM D–94 2 oz.
Separation of Base Oil (Grease) ASTM D–1742 5 lb.
Silicates ASTM D–5827 2 oz.
SLBOCLE, (Lubricity, BOCLE) ASTM D–6078, D–5001 4 oz.
Specific Gravity ASTM D–1122 4 oz.
Sulfates ASTM D–5827 2 oz.
Sugar in Gasoline or Lubricating Oils   2 oz.
Sulfur Determination in Fuel Oils ASTM D–4294, D–2622, D–5453,
D–1552, D–4951, D–5185
2 oz.
Toluene Insolubles, (% wt.) ASTM D–893 4 oz.
Total Acid Number (TAN) ASTM D–664, D–974 2 oz.
Total Base Number (TBN) ASTM D–2896, D–4739 2 oz.
Total Dissolved Solids FM2540C 2 oz.
Viscosity @ Requested Temperatures ASTM D–445 2 oz.
Viscosity, Brookfield ASTM D–2983, D–5133 8 oz.
Viscosity Index ASTM D–2270 4 oz.
Water & Sediment in Crude Oils ASTM D–96 4 oz.
Water & Sediment in Fuel Oils ASTM D–1796, D–2709 4 oz.
Water, Distillation ASTM D–95 8 oz.
Water in coolants, (Karl Fischer) ASTM D–1123 2 oz.
Water in Lubricating Oils, (Karl Fischer) ASTM D–1744, D–1533B,
D–6304, E–203
2 oz.
Wear Count, (Large & Small)   4 oz.