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Sediment & Tissue Testing

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With dedicated teams of chemists and technicians familiar with the unique matrices and sample preparation protocols associated with sediment and tissue testing, Eurofins Environment Testing has extensive experience handling the specific challenges presented by these unique samples. We also have the ability to perform standard methods, as well as high-resolution methods, including dioxin and PCB congeners within the same laboratory.

Contaminated Sediment
We offer Acid Volatile Sulfides/Simultaneously Extracted Metals (AVS/SEM) for sediment programs. Additionally, grain size or particle size is run by hydrometer in accordance with ASTM D-422. We also offer Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Method SW-846 9060 or Standard Method 5310B modified (Lloyd Kahn) to meet your specific QAPP requirements.

Tissue/Biota Extraction and Analysis
Many of the analyses used for soil or sediments can be performed on tissue or biota samples. We have experience with a variety of tissue and biota samples, including many species of fish, insects, frogs, crabs, marine worms and other marine creatures, as well as plant material. We can customize a strategy for preparation and homogenization for the unique samples from each project.

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