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Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Monitoring

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Eurofins Environment Testing laboratories understand the chemistry behind Manufactured Gas Plants with over 60 years of combined experience.

  • Experts in the Analyses of Soil, Groundwater & Sediment for BTEX, PAH and metals
  • Experienced with both the identification and characterization of NAPL and DNAPL sites
  • Forerunner in perimeter air testing for BTEX, PAHs and particulate matter using TO15, TO13 and PM10 methodologies
  • Developed and tested passive air analysis technology using newly promulgated Method 325 utilizing a passive sorbent tube
  • Experts in trace & speciated metal testing in soils, sediment and groundwater

Former manufactured gas plants used a variety of source materials and several processes during their operation until the 1960’s. These sites were impacted by a relatively consistent set of chemicals of concern (COC), which includes BTEX, PAHs, metals, such as lead and mercury, and cyanide as well as Particulate Matter (PM). Also, identification and characterization of LNAPL and DNAPL can impact site evaluation and choice of remedy.

Perimeter air monitoring is required to measure chemicals during the clean-up of former manufactured gas plant sites released during soil of excavation and removal. During the course of the remediation project, air monitoring is required continuously, generating a large number of EPA TO-15, TO-13A and PM10 filter samples.

Eurofins Environment Testing laboratories are equipped with the knowledge, capabilities and capacity for any MGP project. Our services and capabilities include:

Eurofins Air Toxics

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental

Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences

Eurofins TestAmerica

Ambient Air Monitoring with EPA 325
Extensive media supply
Full range of capabilities
Water, Soil, impacted sediments all tested at a single facility
NAPL delineation with GC fingerprinting
PAH analysis
Coal tar characterization
Mercury Soil Gas Monitoring
Trace Metals and Metals Speciation in Sediments and Tissues
Trace Metals and Metals Speciation in Groundwater Monitoring
Mercury Speciation in Soils and Sediments
Full range of capabilities
Air monitoring: TO-13 for PAHs, TO-15 for VOCs and filters for the collection and analysis of particulates and metals
Equipment and testing services for indoor air and soil gas testing
Soil, sediment, and water