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Call for Participation in Local Working Groups

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Call for Participation in Local Working Groups: Comments for Updating the International Safe Feed/Safe Food (ISFSF) & FAMI-QS certification system to standardize with current certification developments

Des Moines, IA – Sept 2015

FAMI-QS – The Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients is now reviewing and revising the current code and certification system, with the aim to meet the latest standardization and certification developments.

The revision process will include the alignment of the ISFSF/FAMI-QS Code to the new ISO High Level Structure for Management systems, as well as the alignment of the Rules for Certification Bodies and the Rules for Operators with the latest version of the applicable accreditation standards, ISO 17021 and ISO/TS 22003.

The Management Systems Standards’ (MSS) new structure

In April 2012, ISO has updated many documents and directives. In particular, there is a new annex, Annex SL, which defines the high level structure, with an identical core text, for all new and revised management system standards (MSS). The revision isn’t solely a reorganization of the management system, given that it reinforces the process approach and the risk thinking, in the implementation of a Management System.

The ISFSF/FAMI-QS Code’s alignment with the ISO High Level structure further eliminates conflicts, confusion and misunderstandings, which may arise from different cultural backgrounds, depending on the certified operator’s region. Furthermore, the ISFSF/FAMI-QS Code’s content will be improved, not only to include auditable document requirements, but will also institute an educational guide for the Specialty Feed Ingredients industry sector.

Creation of Local Working Groups

In order to manage the review/ revision process, FAMI-QS, AFIA, and Eurofins will create a regional working group in the USA:


Convener: Mr. Henry Turlington, American Feed Industry Association

Co-convener: Mrs. Crista Righi, Eurofins Certification

Any interested party that would like to join one of the local working groups shall express their interest to the Henry Turlington and Crista Righi by 2015-09-10 via the above email addresses.

FAMI-QS, AFIA, and Eurofins wants to contribute to the continuous improvement of specialty feed ingredients’ quality and feed safety aspects. We are thus working to provide a solid, robust and transparent quality and feed safety management system, for the intended part of the animal feed industry, in order to meet our stakeholders’ expectations.


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