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Eurofins First in U.S. to Earn International Olive Council Accreditation

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Eurofins First in U.S. to Earn International Olive Council Accreditation

Des Moines, IA, December 14, 2016

Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories announces new accreditation awarded by the International Olive Council (IOC). It is the largest and first independent contract laboratory in the U.S. to earn accreditation from the IOC.

The IOC awards accreditation to chemical testing laboratories around the world that follow recommended methods of analysis for purity, quality, grade and contaminants in olive oil. Olive oil testing is also necessary to protect consumers from product fraud.

Until now, there has never been an independent contract lab in the U.S. for domestic olive producers to purchase IOC-approved testing, leading producers to send samples abroad for authentication.

"Amid the growing interest in verifying olive oil quality and authenticity, it is great news that Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories has achieved accreditation by the International Olive Council for laboratory testing services,” said Curtis Cord, Executive Editor of Olive Oil Times. “Eurofins' market-leading resources and expertise will serve an important role for the industry."

The IOC accreditation for chemical testing facilities was developed to distinguish laboratories that use preferred scientific methods for identifying organoleptic characteristics of virgin olive oil. Testing methods are evaluated regularly by the IOC to ensure that accredited facilities use the most effective procedures to analyze the purity and quality of a sample.

“We are pleased to announce this IOC accreditation of our laboratory in New Orleans,” said John Reuther, President of Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories. “This recognition not only enables us to meet the growing demands for an accredited olive oil testing facility in the U.S., it demonstrates Eurofins’ continued effort to provide a strategic yet comprehensive range of food testing services.”

As a world leader in food testing services, Eurofins provides technical expertise and market knowledge to businesses at every stage of production. Eurofins laboratories follow strict analytical methods of food testing that are certified by a number of renowned product specialty organizations. Eurofins provides certified testing services to a number of specialized industries and maintains a portfolio of over 130,000 validated analytical testing methods. 

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