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Food Safety Systems Gains New Leadership

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Eurofins Scientific is excited to announce the appointment of Gary Smith as the Director of Food Safety Systems. Mr. Smith will lead the strategic development and oversight of the Food Safety Systems division, including Eurofins auditing, certification, and training programs.

With an MS in Environmental Biology from Governor’s State University and BS in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois, Mr. Smith brings over 20 years of industry experience to his duties at Eurofins. A leader in food safety, Mr. Smith has an extensive list of professional certifications as well as industry memberships and has been active on a number of policy-influencing committees, including the GFSI Technical Working Group and SQF Technical Advisory Committee. In addition, Mr. Smith has been awarded numerous industry recognitions,including the SQF Distinguished Service award in 2014. Previous relevant positions Mr. Smith has held include Director of Training and Improvement Solutions at SAI Global, Vice-President of Supply Chain at Steritech, and Technical Director at the SQF Institute. These positions, combined with his previous experience as a regulator, buyer, supplier, trainer, auditor, head of a certification body, and head of a standard owner, makes Mr. Smith uniquely equipped to further develop the impact of Eurofins Food Safety Systems. Under his leadership, Eurofins’ goal is to further expand the support that is currently given to food manufacturers and distributors in various industries to navigate the complexities of achieving compliance with the latest food standards.

“Gary brings a wealth of experience in food safety auditing, training, consulting and certification that will raise Eurofins to the next level in this rapidly evolving area, especially in light of the new FSMA regulations,” said Mary Kay Krogull, President of Eurofins US Food Division.

Eurofins Food Safety Systems was established in 2009, expanding on Eurofins’ extensive testing services and creating a truly comprehensive food safety portfolio. Recognized for its efforts and capabilities in the field of auditing by primary manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, distributors, and processors, Eurofins’ experienced auditors and staff are committed to proving customers with expert knowledge, excellent customer service, and increased quality assurance. Eurofins offers an array of programs including ISFSF/FAMI-QS, Safe Quality Food (SQF), Pet Food Certification, Safe Feed/Safe Food, GMP, EMP, and HACCP audits.