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GLP Success in Brazil

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On December 1st 2009, the GLP inspection of our Brazilian  Agroscience facility in Indaiatuba was successfully completed making Eurofins do Brasil the first Latin American GLP accredited organisation in field, residue and GM trait laboratory studies.

After receiving this Brazilian GLP accreditation, Eurofins do Brasil can perform GLP studies for national accreditations following national guidelines and for import tolerances following OECD/EPA guidelines.

We expect to receive the GLP certificate by February / March 2010 and will be fully GLP accredited in the following areas:

  • Field trials
  • Residue analysis
  • GM Traits and Protein analysis

There is no other organisation in Latin America with such a complete scope of services that is able to cover field residue and efficacy studies along with seed testing.  The seed testing services include testing for unintended GM traits and events, and detection of intended GM traits in early breeding phases.

For further information on Eurofins do Brasil please contact Jens Gehl on (+55) 19 8226 45 99/