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Improved Seed Health Testing Facilities

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NCOTEC and Eurofins STA Laboratories (ESTA) have agreed to join forces to promote ESTA's seed health testing capabilities to the European seed market.

As a result of this strategic alliance, INCOTEC will be able to offer Eurofins STA seed health testing services on an exclusive basis to its customers. The testing of the seeds will be performed at Eurofins STA's facilities in the USA. For its part, INCOTEC will handle the daily contacts with customers, the collection and the shipping of samples, communication of results to customers and all other marketing activities to promote the sophisticated high quality testing capabilities of Eurofins STA.

This cooperation will be very beneficial for the seed industry in Europe. With this alliance two of the leaders in the seed service industry will provide seed companies in Europe with easy access for their seed heath testing to the well-known Eurofins STA seed testing lab.

Managing Director of INCOTEC Analytical Lab Europe BV at Zwaagdijk, the Netherlands, Rob Pronk: "We are very pleased with this alliance. It will broaden our product portfolio and give Eurofins STA better access to the European market. We hope that we can expand our partnership with Eurofins STA to other parts of the world."

Eurofins STA President John Mizicko: "This is a major step for our company and we believe that with the extensive sales and marketing network of INCOTEC in combination with their extensive knowledge, our high quality testing services will get greater exposure in the European market. The aim of our agreement with INCOTEC is to offer high-quality seed health testing services for a competitive price and a rapid turnaround time to European seed companies."

Eurofins STA Laboratories is a technology-based diagnostic services laboratory for agriculture focusing on the inputs of seed and vegetatively propagated material. We help clients make objective product decisions that manage risk and ensure quality. This ultimately results in increased profits for our clients.