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Gary Smith Eurofins

Letter from the Director

Quarter 1 | 2018

I’d like to welcome you to the next installment of our newsletter. In this edition, we will share some of our own tips to survive the long winter months. You will also meet our new Customer Service Manager, Jared Harlacher, who we are very excited to have on our team and I am sure you will all be meeting within the next year. Additionally, you will hear all the latest on the industry’s hottest topic, food fraud. We have been learning much about food fraud for the last 12 months as we approach the January 2018 deadline of compliance requirements for all the GFSI recognized manufacturing standards.

This is a time when I like to reflect on the past year--the accomplishments, the missteps, and lessons learned while looking ahead to the next year with goals and objectives as a chance to start anew. At Eurofins Food Safety Systems, we have had many great achievements over the past 12 months: implementing a new management software system, achieving ISO 17021 accreditation, having a productive SQF conference, and partnering with amazing customers.

As we look to 2018, we have plans to launch a new solution for e-learning, expand our BRC certification offerings in North America, provide food fraud training, solutions for vulnerability assessments and mitigation controls, and continue to work hard to provide solutions for our laboratory partners and customers on a daily basis.

Looking ahead, an important focus for us to understand is what will be driving food safety and quality in 2018. In respect to food safety certifications, one phrase comes to mind: standard revision. All the major food safety certification standards which Eurofins conducts will be in a phase of revision.

  • The SQF standard moves into Version 8 on Jan 2nd.
  • FSSC 22000 transitions to version 4.1 in the spring of 2018.
  • FAMI QS has been revised and will be implemented after June 2018.
  • Draft reviews of BRC version 8 have already begun to be circulated, with an expected final publish date late in 2018.

There will be many upcoming opportunities in the next few months to learn about those standards which affect you and how the changes will affect your facility. Change to familiar processes and things we know well can be scary. We stand ready to work with all our food safety certification customers to support and assist you through these transitions to the new versions of your standards.

I hope that you enjoy this newsletter, I hope that you had a safe and relaxing holiday season and I wish you a Happy New Year and good luck on achieving all those goals and objectives for 2018.


Gary Smith


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