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Seafood HACCP Training

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The Eurofins Seafood HACCP course is recognized by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) and meets the training requirements dictated in the Seafood HACCP regulation (21 CFR Part 123.10) for a “qualified individual” involved in the HACCP activities for fish and fishery product processing. This on-site course reviews seafood food safety hazards, and the regulations and principles of HACCP geared for the seafood industry.

Session Topics

  • Introduction and background of HACCP in the Seafood Industry
  • Food safety hazards specific to seafood
  • Systematic examination of the 7 HACCP Principles and their applications

Who should attend?

Intended for those with an active involvement or interest in the seafood and aquaculture industry or those looking to expand their HACCP background. This course is built for all areas of the seafood industry including; Quality Assurance and Control Managers or Employees, Regulatory Affairs as well as Production and Distribution Supervisors and Personnel.

Attendants receive Certificate of Completion upon conclusion of the course.



Please contact us to receive more information about the HACCP for Seafood Processors training course.