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Meat Industry Testing Services

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Product quality and safety are essential to the success of every grower, producer, seller, and provider of food products around the globe.  In order to protect consumers (and their bottom lines), food producers must be proactive in developing processes that ensure quality and safety standards are maintained every time.

Nowhere is this more important than in the meat, egg, and poultry industries.  All too often we learn about an outbreak or a recall that harms consumers, companies, and reputations.  By their very nature, these industries are susceptible to risks that must be aggressively and proactively mitigated to prevent your firm from being tomorrow’s headline.

Eurofins is uniquely qualified to help you produce the safest, highest-quality products.  As the world’s leading analytical testing provider, Eurofins services run the gamut from pathogen testing to nutritional analysis, shelf-life studies, and many others.  Some of our services include: