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Our Commitment to Quality

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Eurofins Scientific strives to be the leading provider of quality analytical services for the food industry in a time sensitive manner.

We have committed ourselves to a strong customer focus, employee intellectual growth, and integrity in the services we perform. Our organizational structure is continually analyzed to ensure that it most effectively and efficiently serves the objectives of our customers.

Our Quality Task Force

Stability and Shelf Life Testing

Eurofins’ Quality Task Force (QTF) ensures compliance with company and regulatory standards and is responsible for training, and designing programs, procedures and systems thereby promoting the excellence of all facilities.

Regulatory Standards
This includes GMP, ISO 17025, FDA, USDA, and other regulatory compliance standards such as internal quality control measures. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are developed in conjunction with the analysts using them and applicable SOPs are sent to the laboratory facilities. Prior to implementing new programs and procedures, initial training is performed with the laboratory's Quality Managers.

Our Dedication to Quality
Each facility has a high commitment to producing quality results and reviewing all client discrepancies that may arise. The QAU takes an active interest in reviewing these discrepancies and proposing corrective actions to prevent future recurrences.

A Helping Hand
The QTF provides oversight to ensure that the analytical methods utilized by the laboratories are specific and accurate. All methods utilized are in published literature unless stipulated by regulation, are under development or are specifically requested by a client. The compendium methods are from various organizations (AOAC, AOCS, AACC, FCC, USP/NF, etc.) that have been extensively tested collaboratively. The laboratory manager or their designate must review methods that require modifications for a particular matrix or analyte to ensure applicability, accuracy, precision, and ruggedness. Even so, routine quality control measures are employed, which include analyte spikes, duplicates (known and/or blind), control samples (in-house or NIST, etc.), or blanks.

Our Performance Evaluation Program
The QTF also evaluates the performance of facilities through administration of our internal performance evaluation program. This program includes multiple daily control samples that are monitored through routine statistical process control. Facilities also participate in external programs such as the AOCS (Smalley Series), AAFCO, AACC, and government performance evaluation series such as EPA and USDA Accreditation. The latter programs lead to recognition in specialized analyses as well.