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Short-Order Assessment Saves SQF Audit

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Kunzler and Company, Inc.
A testimonial from
Kunzler and Company, Inc. 

"In preparation for our 2018 SQF Audit, I was searching for information on Food Fraud. I was especially interested in what was needed to fulfill the Ingredient Vulnerability Assessment requirement. It seemed that this task would be very time-consuming and take away from additional audit preparation. Since this is a new requirement, I wanted to make sure the assessment was done correctly.

During my search for information, I saw that Eurofins provided a service to assist with meeting the SQF requirements for the vulnerability assessment and Food Fraud Mitigation Plan. I requested a consult on their website and the same afternoon I received a call from Sales Manager Maja Tijanic. Maja explained the services Eurofins could provide and I knew this was what we needed.

"Our auditor was also very pleased with the assessment and even commented on the detailed information as well."

I explained to Maja that we only had a few weeks until our audit. Maja was able to get the Assessment completed in time for our audit. I was very pleased at the detailed information that was provided for each ingredient, far more than if I did it myself. Our auditor was also very pleased with the assessment and even commented on the detailed information as well.

Maja was great to work with and I've given her contact information to a colleague that is also looking for assistance with Food Fraud. I highly recommend this service and would not hesitate to use Eurofins again." -- Jeanne Gazolla, Q.A. Supervisor - Kunzler and Company, Inc.


Maja Tijanic

Maja Tijanic, Sales Manager for Eurofins Training and Consulting, said, "I had the pleasure of working with Jeanne from Kunzler and Company, Inc with regards to her food fraud needs. Initially, during our first phone call together the company had an urgent need for our food fraud services as their company audit was approaching.

We discussed the deliverables of the project and we worked very quickly together to gather the necessary information needed to begin the process. Jeanne was very easy to work with as she quickly sent all of the information I required in order for a quote to be formulated. I made sure that I notified our project specialist for the scheduling of this project. Jeanne, myself and Audra Foreman (Project Specialist) all worked very diligently, efficiently and quickly to deliver the service at a timeframe that Jeanne had requested, which we achieved.

Jeanne also did refer her friend from another company to our food fraud services and we are currently in the process of completing that service as well. Thank you, Jeanne, for the referral as we truly appreciate it. We hope to work with Jeanne in the future."

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