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SQF Auditor Leaves Lasting Mark at Seabear

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A testimonial from
SeaBear QA Manager, Valerie Teske 

"Eurofins was recommended to our company by a previous employee and the experience we've had has been absolutely pleasant. The auditor we've had for the past 3 years, Alan Baumfalk, has been fair and kind, and helpful in many ways during the audits and after. He has shared documents, experiences and additional information that is relevant to SQF.

"It's obvious how much he cares about food safety and we are saddened to be required to get a new auditor next year." 

"Most companies are unlikely to get excited to see an auditor, but Alan has made the experience more pleasant with his attitude, knowledge and expertise and the relationship we have built based on our mutual understanding of food safety.

"Eurofins also has great customer service and support. I've always had a quick response to questions and support with the scheduling process, along with using the auditing portal. There is a real person rather than a system of automation that becomes frustrating with several other companies. Eurofins also offers training and several other services that we have not taken advantage of, but will likely do so if the need arises. I would highly recommend both the auditor and the company to others that are looking to pursue a GFSI audit." -- Valerie Teske, QA Manager - SeaBear 


Alan Baumfalk

Alan Baumfalk, is the Lead Auditor and Technical Manager for Eurofins Food Safety Systems. In this role, he oversees the team of Eurofins auditors based in the US and provides technical expertise for all FSS audit programs.

Alan’s 30 years of expertise and passion for the food safety industry enable him to be a consistent, effective auditor for suppliers while providing a true demonstration of the respective auditing and certification schemes. Prior to joining Eurofins Alan served as a certified SQF consultant in twelve food sector categories –nine of which carry the “high risk” designation. In addition to being an SQF certified auditor, he is also certified to audit against FAMI-QS and is a NASC approved auditor. 

In 2017, Alan was one of three finalists nominated for SQF Auditor of the Year. 

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