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Beverages, Water, and Alcohol

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One cannot overstate the importance of water to sustain life on our planet.  Water is the most abundant substance on earth, and countless creatures depend on (or live in) water for their very existence.  Water is also a component of many consumable products, yet this vital ingredient is often overlooked and underappreciated for its complexity and the role it plays in ensuring food quality and safety.

Access to clean water is becoming a more important challenge for many reasons, so it is critical for food processors and manufacturers to understand how to maximize the benefits of the water they use.

Eurofins understands the importance of water as both an ingredient and an agent in the production of high-quality foods and beverages.  Eurofins is a market leader in providing water-testing services and counsel to food and beverage producers worldwide.  We are experts in helping our clients navigate the regulatory, quality, and safety aspects of water usage to ensure their products (and reputation) uphold the highest standards. Eurofins' testing services for Beverages, Water, and Alcohol include: