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Eurofins laboratories offer analytical expertise for the natural products and dietary supplements industries. Eurofins' Supplement Analysis division is a world leader in method applications, including the analysis of botanical, herbal, phyto-chemical, sports nutrition, and both pet and human dietary supplement products. 

Our scientific staff are highly skilled and experienced in the extraction and analytical characterization of botanicals, as well as the determination of impurity profiles of synthetic materials for natural products. Eurofins Supplement Analysis Center was the first to develop analytical methods for ingredients such as Creatine, Caffeine, and Synthetic/Natural Ephedra isomers commonly found in sports nutrition products. Eurofins' supplement testing capabilities include:

Eurofins QTA Capabilities for Supplements 

The QTA System provides a customized solution to the nutraceutical and dietary supplement industries.  Whether analyzing specific components of the product or predicting functional properties, the QTA System provides fast, accurate analyses, with results in less than 2 minutes.

The versatility of the QTA System’s sample presentation system enables the analysis of all types of materials, whether they are solids, liquids, pastes, suspensions, capsules, tablet, powders, etc., all using the same QTA instrument.

Raw material, in-process and finished product analysis

Qualitative Quantitative

Component Analysis

Identification Fish Oils Ash
Assay Organic Acids Fiber
Vitamins Alcohols Amino Acids
Fatty Acids, Sterols Glucosamine Protein
Essential Oils Moisture Other organic material

Specialty Foods and Non-food Products

Cosmeceuticals Beverages Weight Management Products