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Organic Food

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Nature delivers perfect product.

Nature delivers perfect product.

Eurofins delivers perfect science.

Eurofins knows your territory—from the ground where your products originate; to the producers who steward them; to the processors, handlers, and facilities that deliver them to health-conscious consumers around the globe. Eurofins is your local partner in ensuring your product’s quality, safety, and integrity through every step of your journey.

Our scientific labs provide a plethora of screening services to exceed industry standards and regulatory mandates.

Agility, innovation, customized testing, and a commitment to consistent, accurate results.

Residues and Contaminants

  • Eurofins offers screens based on the requirements from the USDA and National Organic Program (NOP) target list.
    • Pesticide Multi-Residue Screen
    • Acidic Herbicides
    • Glyphosate
    • Dithiocarbamate Fungicides (EBDCs)
    • Paraquat/Diquat (Quaternary Ammonium Group)
    • Phosphides, Total
    • Insecticide Screens
    • Growth Regulators
    • Antibiotic/Drug Residue Screens
    • GMOs

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