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NEW - Eurofins US Food Brochure

Download the Eurofins US Food and Feed brochure to learn more about our portfolio of services.


Food Genomics Brochure

Food Genomics Brochure

Eurofins experts utilize microbiomics, metagenomics and Whole Bacterial Genome Sequencing and more to solve the most complex microbial issues. 

Microbiomics Brochure

Eurofins Microbiomics Brochure

Ready to take control of the microbial community in your operation? Read more about microbiome analysis services here. 

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Microbiology Brochure

Download our Microbiology brochure to learn more about our microbiology services. 

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Beer Analysis with QTA

Eurofins QTA® has developed an analysis solution tailored to the craft beer industry.

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Nutritional Labeling

Download our Nutritional Labeling Services brochure to learn how Eurofins can help your company comply with FDA NLEA regulations. 

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Authenticity Brochure.jpg


Download Eurofins’ Authenticity brochure to learn more about our services. 

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Download Eurofins' Auditing brochure to learn more about 

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