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How to Become SQF Certified

How To Become SQF Certified

Are you looking to become SQF Certified, but are unsure where to start? Look no further.
In 5 simple steps, our Food Safety Systems team sums up the path to SQF success!

SQF Certification  |  SQF Training Courses

Taurine in Cat Food

Cats & Taurine: Is There Enough Taurine in Your Cat's Diet?

Taurine is an amino acid essential to supporting many functions of cats' bodies. Unlike other mammals, cats cannot produce taurine in their own bodies, so they must receive it through food. But how do pet food manufacturers ensure that cats around the world get enough taurine?

Pet Food  |  Eurofins Nutrition Analysis Center

SOY: What’s The Big Deal with Toasting?

Soybeans go through a rigorous treatment process to produce high-quality products used around the globe, but the toasting process is one of the most delicate. Why is the cooking or toasting process so difficult and so important?

Feed & Grain Testing  |  Nutritional Testing

Prebiotics in Infant Formula

Many infants rely on formula for nourishment and to build the foundation for a healthy life. Prebiotics are trusted by parents and caregivers to introduce healthy bacteria into infants’ fragile digestive tracks. But what makes prebiotics different from probiotics? What do prebiotics do for an infant?

Infant Nutrition  |  Nutritional Testing

Scoville Heat Infographic

Scoville Heat: Just How Hot Is Hot?

We quantify “heat” in peppers, spices, and salsas through the High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography Method. HPLC is the most accurate method to measure the amount of capsaicin expressed as Scoville Heat Units. Discover how spicy your peppers are!

Nutritional Testing  |  Spice  |  Microbiology Testing


Learn about the three different types of filth. Explore how filth gets in your food and what amounts are acceptable in your favorite goodies. Eurofins is uniquely qualified in the detection and identification of physical contaminants in food. 

Filth & Extraneous Matter  |  Confection  



With GMOs receiving increased attention, it's important to verify whether products contain GMOs especially for manufacturers with non-GMO label claims. Follow the Non-GMO Path to see what type of non-GMO testing is right for company! 

GMO Testing  |  Eurofins GeneScan 



Do you know the difference between natural and synthetic caffeine? Which one is required on a food label? Discover the caffeine levels of some of your favorite pick-me-up products and learn how Eurofins tests for it! 

Composition, Identity, Purity  |  Supplements



With a growing public awareness of Salmonella outbreaks and the major news stories that follow, the need for microbiological analyses of food products is all the more prevalent. What exactly do you look for in a third party testing lab? We've made it simple. 

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