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AOAC Accepts New Ginger Analysis Method Developed by Eurofins Team

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AOAC International, an organization that develops globally accepted standards, recently recognized Dr. Hong You, Director of Research and Development at Eurofins Supplement Analysis Center (ESAC), and his team of experts in the acceptance of their method for ginger analysis. AOAC identified ginger as a critical ingredient in dietary supplements due to its popularity, and because there was room to improve the current methodology, they called for the development of a new official method of analysis for ginger. Through rigorous trial and error, Dr. You successfully developed an analytical method that has improved the accuracy, efficiency, and economics of testing ginger components. An Expert Review Panel (ERP) composed of 12 senior experts within government, academia, and the food industry, carefully reviewed the method prior to AOAC acceptance. This method meets all AOAC SMPRs (Standard Method Performance Requirements) and thus is qualified for adoption as an industry reference method for testing ginger.

When asked how the new ginger method was possible, Dr. You replied, “Persistence”.

There are mainly four non-volatile component groups within ginger. Previous analytical methods focused on only two of these, gingerols and shagaols. Dr. You’s new method is unique in that it focuses on the remaining two components, 6-paradol and zingerone, which are only present in ginger in relatively small amounts. Research has recently shown these components have health benefits, and as a result, they are becoming increasingly prevalent as ingredients in dietary supplements. Dr. You’s study results shortened the run time in validating ginger from 29 minutes (USP Method) or 40 minutes (ISO method) down to an astonishing 12 minutes and without the need of a costly mass spectrometer.

Dr. You strives to enhance his clients’ experience through custom method development services, innovation, and a consistent effort to nurture long-term relationships. “We see a growing number of clients choose to use this new method for their ginger analysis. It has become the icebreaker in allowing us to demonstrate our technical capability in establishing relationships with customers,” said Dr. You. Along with this team, Dr. You works to support Eurofins Supplement Analysis Center’s value proposition; meet clientele needs while building trusted relationships. “Our clients are always seeking experts as their partner rather than just a vendor to provide a service,” says Dr. You. When asked how the new ginger method was possible, Dr. You replied, “Persistence”. With a persistent mindset, Dr. You and his expert colleagues work to achieve results that are reliable and precise, providing unmatched value to the industry.