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Eurofins BioDiagnostics Employee Highlight: Maranda Gillen

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Maranda Gillen, Eurofins BioDiagnosticsAs a born and raised Midwesterner, Maranda Gillen has always been connected to the agriculture industry in one way or another. Now, she supports the seed industry as an ELISA and Herbicide Bioassay Manager at Eurofins BioDiagnostics. In her role, Maranda works with customers to understand their needs while finding diagnostic solutions to fit their situations and challenges. When she’s not reading up on the latest trait technology, Maranda enjoys spending time with her family. She likes spending time outdoors through hiking, kayaking, and motorcycle riding, but is now kept busy caring for her new, young daughter.

Maranda first got interested in science during her time at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. Classes in biotechnology and microbiology piqued her interest and foreshadowed her future career. She intended to enter the medical field after graduation but pursued a job at Eurofins BioDiagnsotics to acquire more lab experience. Maranda was hooked by seed testing, cutting-edge technology, and the people she worked with. “Not only was I able to sharpen my lab skills, I was instantly intrigued by seed production. It was a brand new world to me, and I was and still am amazed at the innovation and dedication within the industry.”

"I was and still am amazed at the innovation and dedication within the industry."

As a member of the Eurofins team, Maranda gets to work with and assist other people while staying committed to agriculture and technology. It’s her objective to stay on the forefront of trait technology and trait purity requirements, which is constantly expanding and changing. But don’t worry, she likes the excitement that the task brings! Why does Maranda like working at Eurofins BioDiagnostics? “I enjoy the fast-paced environment of a fall testing season, and connecting with customers.”