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Eurofins to Open New Laboratory in Fresno, California

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Eurofins Scientific is set to open a new state-of-the-art food testing laboratory complex in Fresno, CA in summer 2018.

The newest Eurofins facility to open in the Central Valley is an 11,000 square ft. microbiology laboratory specifically designed to offer rapid quality and pathogen microbial testing services for the food segments). The brand new laboratory features an innovative and unique design layout using directional testing lines, air flow control, and pass- through control rooms to restrict sample contamination.

Joelle Mosso, a Business Unit Manager at Eurofins, speaks to the quality of the company as a whole. “Eurofins provides the highest level of attention and commitment to the integrity of our testing services; we understand the importance of your samples and you can trust us to design only the best systems to provide your results.”

The facility will offer AOAC-approved rapid molecular analysis methods, including a Eurofins robust real-time PCR platform that provides results for pathogens in as little as 24 hours. Standard microbiology testing for Salmonella, Listeria, pathogenic E.coli, APC, and yeast and mold will also be available.

“Eurofins provides the highest level of attention and commitment to the integrity of our testing services..."

This new location will also be home to our modern Eurofins DQCI dairy producer laboratory and a contaminants laboratory.  

“Eurofins is excited to bring our unique level of care to the Central Valley. We are excited to provide our expertise and global portfolio of testing to the food and agricultural community.”

Joelle Mosso explains that visitors will be able to get a glimpse into the microbiology laboratory this summer through scheduled tours. In September, Eurofins will host an Internal Food Safety Auditor public training course at the new location.

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