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Introducing 2-Minute On-Site Analysis for Hops

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As the demand for new craft beer continues to grow, quality hops are in high demand. Eurofins QTA® has developed a solution that allows hop growers and brewers alike to test the traits of their hops wherever it is needed in only 2-minutes. 

We understand that planning your harvest and being able to communicate the quality of your crop is important, so we created solutions that make your quality testing simple!

Our data management service and subscription-based model eliminates the need for expensive instrumentation or lab experience. The device is easily implemented throughout the supply chain. Using only a few grams of sample and our non-destructive infrared technology, hop growers across the globe can monitor critical traits easier than ever before.

The QTA® solution can test hops in wet, dry, whole cone and pelletized forms for 19 traits (and counting) including alpha acids, beta acids, hop storage index, moisture, total oil and volatile oil profile.

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