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Logistical Solution for Global Bovine Genotyping [CASE STUDY]

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Disclaimer: At Eurofins, client confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Names have been changed to protect our client’s business interests and privacy.


Company X, a world-leading provider in bovine reproduction services, technologies, and genetics was seeking a global service provider to help with bovine genotyping and genomic selection needs. They were looking to utilize a consolidated genotyping service provider to genotype their U.S.-based beef and dairy animals and import different types of bovine samples from Europe and South America through required USDA importation permits. Strict turnaround times were needed in order to facilitate quick decision making in each country. Company X also wanted a price structure that would allow them to genotype more animals within their budget. All of these requirements were necessary for the company the reach their ultimate goal: business growth.

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First, Eurofins Agrigenomics worked to expedite the application for USDA import permits from South America and Europe in order to fully support the logistical needs of Company X. Then, the laboratory partnered with Eurofins Brazil to provide a convenient sample drop off location and gateway for the customer’s South American samples to be imported to the Eurofins laboratory in Wisconsin for genotyping services. Eurofins Agrigenomics was also able to secure the USDA import permit needed to allow Company X’s European colleagues to send their tissue samples directly to the Wisconsin lab, thus consolidating their global samples into one genotyping service provider location.

Company X is now able to utilize 50,000 genomic markers for their genomic selection needs. They utilize the latest microarray technology with a bovine 50K SNP marker panel, Eurofins’ highly automated streamlined DNA extraction, and high-density array service workflow to support breeding projects.


The global solution provided enabled Company X to expedite genotyping and genomic selection services to make faster decisions benefitting their global business. Eurofins Agrigenomics was able to consolidate samples coming from three continents and lower the cost of genotyping for the customer. Ultimately, Company X was able to expand the number of animals they received genomic data for and expedite animal selections.

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