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Northwest Naturals Compliments SQF Auditor

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A testimonial from Courtney Doolin-Lusk, Food Safety Manager with Northwest Naturals

"Eurofins makes the auditing process a breeze. They work hard so you can focus on your programs and the actual audit.

Our auditor, Alan, was amazing! For any audit, you hope for an auditor that knows what they are doing and is personable enough to work with. Alan has these qualities in spades! His industry experience is so vast and well-rounded that he has seen it all, the good and the bad. You can tell he cares deeply about food safety and really wants his customers to be doing the right thing. He maintains the professional efficiency I have come to expect from all of Eurofins." -- Courtney Doolin-Lusk, Food Safety Manager - Northwest Naturals




Alan Baumfalk

Alan Baumfalk, is the Lead Auditor and Technical Manager for Eurofins Food Safety Systems. In this role, he oversees the team of Eurofins auditors based in the US and provides technical expertise for all FSS audit programs.

Alan’s 30 years of expertise and passion for the food safety industry enable him to be a consistent, effective auditor for suppliers while providing a true demonstration of the respective auditing and certification schemes. Prior to joining Eurofins Alan served as a certified SQF consultant in twelve food sector categories –nine of which carry the “high risk” designation. In addition to being an SQF certified auditor, he is also certified to audit against FAMI-QS and is a NASC approved auditor.

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