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Undeclared Allergens Cause Most Recalls in Q3

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Top FDA Food Recall Causes Q3 2017

FDA-issued food recalls declined 11% in Quarter 3 of 2017, but undeclared allergens were the top cause of those recalls.

The Stericycle Expert Solutions’ Q3 2017 Recall Index report revealed that undeclared allergens totaled 96.9% of all recalled FDA food units, up from just 8.4% in Q2. The top FDA recalled food categories in Q3 included prepared foods (17.7%), produce (12.7%), baked goods (12%) and supplements (11.4%). Of the recalled FDA food units, 95.6% were considered Class I, the most serious classification.

The presence of undeclared allergens is a significant health risk to consumers and a costly recall for your business. Routine allergen testing is the single most effective way to ensure you know what’s in your ingredients.

FDA Food Recalls and Units

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The full Q3 2017 Recall Index can be found here.



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