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Specialty and Investigative Tests

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Parameter Method Parameter Method
Acidity ASTM D1093 Flash Point (Setaflash closed tester) ASTM D3828
Acid Number ASTM    
Active Sulfur ASTM D1662 Flash Point (Tag closed tester) ASTM D56
Aniline Point ASTM D2982 Freezing Point ASTM D2386
Antifreeze ASTM D2982 Metals ASTM D3605. D4628
Ash ASTM D482 Neutralization Number ASTM D974
Base Number  ASTM    
BTU (Heat of Combustion) ASTM D240 Nitrogen ASTM D3228
Bottom Sediment & Water ASTM D1796 Particulate Matter ASTM D2276
Burner Fuel Oil Specifications ASTM D396    
Carbon Residue, Conradson ASTM D189 Phosphorus ASTM D4047
Cetane Index ASTM D976 Pour Point ASTM D97
Chlorine ASTM D808 Refractive Index ASTM D1218
Cloud Point ASTM D2500 Saponification number ASTM D94
Cloud/Pour Point ASTM D97, D2500 Sediment by Extraction ASTM D473
Color (ASTM Scale) ASTM D1500 Specific Gravity (API) ASTM D287, NBSP, D1298
Color (Saybolt Scale) ASTM D156 Standard Plate Count
Compatability ASTM D2781 Sugar AOAC
Conductivity EPA 120.1 Sulfated Ash ASTM D874
Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D130 Sulfur ASTM D4294, D129
DNR (WI) Used Fuel Oil Analysis SW-846 Sulfur, Active ASTM D1662
Dielectric Breakdown ASTM D877 Total Acid Number ASTM D974, D664
Diesel Fuel Oil Specifications ASTM D975 Total Base Number ASTM D974, D2896
Distillation (gasoline) ASTM D86 Total Solids SW-846
Distillation (oil) ASTM D86 Vapor Pressure (Reid) ASTM D323
Fats in Oil AOCS Water (Karl-Fischer) AOCS
Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup) ASTM D92 Water (distillation) ASTM D95
Free Fatty Acids AOCS    
Hydroxyl Value AOCS    
Iodine Value AOCS    
Oxidative Value AOCS    
Peroxide Value AOCS    
Saponification Value AOCS    
Specifcations SW-846 Viscosity ASTM D445


Parameter Method
Acid Value ASTM D1639-90
Density/Specific Gravity ASTM D1475-90
NSustained Combustibility DOT
Pigment Content ASTM D3723-84
Polymer Identification ASTM D3168-85
VOCs-no water in formula EPA Method 24
VOCs-water in formula EPA Method 24
VOCs-water & exempt solvent EPA Method 24
Volatile Content ASTM D2369-93
Volume Nonvolatile Matter ASTM D2697-86
Water ASTM D4017-90


Parameter Method
Chloride ISE Method
Chromium Plating Solution CrO3, Cr(3), SO4,Fe, CL
Copper Cyanide Plating Solution Cu, NaCN, KOH, Na2CO3
Copper Sulfate Plating Solution CuS)4, H2SO4, Cl, FE
Metals (Trace) AAS known additions
Nickel Plating Solution Ni, NiCl2, NiS)4, Boric Acid
Oil Freon Extraction
Specific Gravity
Volatile Acids
Zinc Cyanide Plating Solution Zn, NaCN, NaOH

Other bath composition analyses available on request (i.e. Gold, Silver, etc.)

Soil and Waste 

Parameter Method
Cyanide, Amenable 9010
Cyanide, Free Standard Methods
Cyanide, Reactive SW-846
Cyanide, Total 9010
Flash Point(Pensky-Martens) 1010
Flash Point(Setaflash) 1020
Free Liquids (Paint Filter Liquids Test) 9095A
PCBs 8082
Phenolics 9065
Protocol A CWM
Protocol B CWM
pH 9040B
SPLT 1312
Sulfide, Reactive SW-846
Sulfide, Total 9030
TCLP 1311
TOC EPA 415.1
TOX ASTM D808, SM9020B
TRPH 8440
Total Metals EPA 6010B & 7471
Total Solids EPA 160.3

General Analysis

Parameter Description
Ash Coal, Coke, etc.
BTU/pound Bomb method
Bromine Bomb/ISE
Chloroform extract Leather (ALCA)
Chromic Oxide Leather (ALCA)
Fluorine Bomb/ISE
Halogens, Total Bomb method
Heavy Metals as Pb USP/FCC
Lime Neut. Index AOAC
Loss on Ignition LOI
Mercury Cold Vapor AFS
Metals FAAS
Moisture(see water) Karl-Fischer
Nitrogen Kjeldahl
Paranitrophenol (PNP) Leather (ALCA)
Proximate analysis

Coal, coke, etc.  Moist, Vol, Ash, Sulfur

Sand Analysis Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Na, K, LOI, pH
Sieve Analysis
Solids, Total Oven method
Solids, Volatile
Sulfide SW 846 (solid samples, total)
Sulfur, total Bomb method
Surface Tension DuNouy method
TRPH IR Method
Total Halogens as Cl Bomb method
Viscosity Brookfield
Volatile matter Coal, coke, ect.
Water Karl-Fischer
Water Distillation
pH Solid samples



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