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Meat Species ID Testing

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Many countries have imposed restrictions, and even outright bans, on the use of animal by-products and proteins in feed. In the U.S., FDA guidelines prohibit the feeding of mammalian protein to ruminant animals (CFR 589.2000). China, for example, requires that no ruminant DNA be present in poultry and fish meal. In Europe, even stricter regulations prohibit the presence of most animal proteins in feed. 

Companies producing Kosher and Halal products, including food and dietary supplements, may want to verify the absence of pork, shellfish, or other prohibited ingredients by appropriate testing as part of the quality control program. Please contact us for assistance in determining which testing method(s) would work best for your company and product.

Eurofins GeneScan offers:

  • PCR tests for a wide variety of animal species DNA, such as cattle, pig, horse, and many others
  • ELISA tests for animal proteins, such as ruminant species (cattle, sheep, goat)
  • Rapid turnaround times, including same-day and next-day rush results
  • Scientific experts to help answer your questions and provide solutions

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