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Instrument Calibration Standards

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DQCI is a Global Leader in the manufacture and sale of Dairy Industry Calibration-Validation Standards.


Instrument Calibration Standards

Raw Milk Component Calibration-Validation Standards

QVS02 – Raw Milk (levels 1-12 in duplicate)
QVS36 - Raw Milk "A" Check Sample
QVS37 - Raw Milk "B" Check Sample
QVS52 – Raw Goat Milk (levels 1-12 in duplicate)
QVS26 - Raw Milk “Freeze Point” Standards (20 samples)


Electronic Somatic Cell Calibration-Validation Standards

QVS06 – Raw Milk for ESCC(4 levels in duplicate)
Note: Hourly check samples available upon request.


Urea (MUN) Calibration-Validation Standards

QVS28 - Urea (MUN) Standards: (Set of 30 samples in duplicate)


Cream Calibration-Validation Standards

QVS20 - Light Cream (levels 1-12 in duplicate)
QVS22 – Half and Half (levels 1-10 in duplicate)
QVS08 - High Cream (levels 1-12 in duplicate)


Condensed Milk Calibration-Validation Standards

QVS32 - Condensed Whole (levels 1-12 in duplicate)
QVS24 - Condensed Skim (levels 1-12 in duplicate)
QVS24 - Condensed Buttermilk (levels 1-10 in duplicate)
QVS30 - UF Skim (levels 1-12 in duplicate)


Pasteurized-Homogenized Calibration-Validation Standards

QVS10 - Non-Fortified (levels 1-12 in duplicate)
QVS12 - Fortified (levels 13-16 in duplicate)
QVS29 - California Milk Standards (10 levels)


Raw Skim, Low Fat, and Whey Calibration Standards

QVS04 - Raw Skim Standard: (One skim sample in duplicate)
QVS16 - Raw Low Fat Non-Fortified (levels 1-12 in duplicate)
QVS18 - Raw Low Fat Fortified (levels 13-16 in duplicate)
QVS14 - Raw Whey (levels 1-10 in duplicate)


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