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Non-GMO Verification

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In today's agrofood business, food and feed suppliers have to comply with regulations on traceability and labeling of their products on parametersNon GMO Verification such as GMO content, allergens, country of origin, residues, etc. In addition, end-users are demanding transparency throughout the entire supply chain. 

Two prime examples are corn and soy, where the majority of acreage in the US and some other countries is planted with biotech seeds. Sourcing respective ingredients, such as corn flour and starch or soybean lecithin, protein and vitamin E as ‘Non-GMO’ typically requires the most segregation, identity preservation and testing efforts in supply chains and production facilities. 

Although analytical testing is an important risk management tool, it is not sufficient on its own to protect the value and integrity of raw materials or products. Further control, such as traceability and segregation along the supply chain, is necessary in order to fulfill legal requirements and to reinforce consumer's confidence.

Only a systematic approach linking appropriate sampling and testing methods as well as efficient organizational measures, such as documentation, risk assessment, adverse event management and recalls, can handle the complex situation at a reasonable cost.

Eurofins provides programs tailored for food, feed, and supplement manufacturers and procurement teams, as well as provide guidance to their contracted production plants manufacturing ‘Non-GMO’ products. Eurofins GeneScan offers ready-made solutions including 3rd party Verification of In-House Program (Eurofins VIP). We also provide consultancy for clients who choose to launch their own programs from the ground up. 

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