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Our Services

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Introducing infrared (IR) analysis, specifically NIR/Mid-IR, into a quality control program can be a challenging process. It requires selecting the right instruments, developing robust and flexible algorithms as well as the support to perform ongoing maintenance and updates. Our service is designed to overcome these roadblocks and deliver results with the very best in on-site analysis.

QTA® offers a wide variety of service options to our clients, below are just some of the specialized services we provide to our clients:

Instrument Implementation (bench top and in-line)

Once you contact QTA® at 1-866-yourQTA, we work with you to develop a testing package for your specific analysis needs. Shortly after, an instrument will be installed on-site and you may begin using the QTA® solution immediately. As part of every package, QTA® provides instrument training for all users, on-site installation, validation testing, data management and model updates.

The first step in successfully implementing an IR solution is choosing the correct instrument for your application. We use a wide range of both near and mid-IR instruments to perform exhaustive feasibility studies that ensure we provide our clients with the right tool for the job. After the appropriate instrument has been chosen, we help integrate the new solution into your system.

NIR/Mid-IR Modeling (calibration development)

With our team of experts, we build accurate and robust IR models that provide the rapid results and quality data you need. Our experts have decades of combined experience successfully implementing IR solutions in a wide range of industries and production environments. We provide continuous updates to ensure accurate and repeatable performance.

Data Management

The QTA® cloud-based system provides instant access to all test reports either through the test page or our reports portal website. Reports and historical data can be accessed and downloaded from any internet enabled device.

Guaranteed Instrument Replacement

In the event of an accident or malfunction to one of our fleet instruments, QTA® will send a replacement instrument within 24 hours.


QTA® provides our clients with 24/7 live technical support out of our Cincinnati, Ohio office for all questions and concerns relating to our services, devices, and results.

Are you looking for an infrared solution? Give us a call at 866-968-7782.