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When your product release time is critical, ExpressMicro™ provides ISO 17025–quality results at unparalleled speed. Our Louisville, Kentucky lab deploys advanced technologies and superior logistics to rapidly quantify, detect, and identify pathogens and spoilage with expedited turnaround times both locally and nationally.

With our dedicated UPS hub in Louisville, ExpressMicro™ samples arrive at the lab in the early morning hours—and we deliver results up to eight hours faster than standard next-day air shipping.

What to expect:

  • Significant cost and time savings with quicker product release, and elimination of courier and shipping redundancies
  • National access with centralized support
  • A full-service provider of more than 200,000 testing analyses
  • Eurofins Online (EOL) delivers real-time results as we process your testing in the laboratory

Why choose us?

  • Point of production sample pick up with flexible pick up times
  • Early morning sample set up times
  • Convenient sample drop off locations
  • Substantial cost reduction realized with faster product release times 365-day laboratory operations
  • Full-service provider for all your food safety needs

Here’s how it works:

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