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Express Microbiology

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Eurofins ExpressMicro™ offers a unique logistics service to provide fast and high-quality test results when time to product release is critical.

ExpressMicro™ is located near the UPS Worldport hub in Louisville, KY. This proximity gives the laboratory access to shipped sample packages 6 to 11 hours faster than any other competing laboratory.

Because of early morning sample set times, early release of test results helps companies realize supply chain management savings by substantially reducing product hold times. Eurofins ExpressMicro™ offers testing services to rapidly quantify, detect, or identify pathogenic, spoilage, and probiotic microorganisms.

Why choose us?

  • Point of production sample pick up with flexible pick up times
  • Early morning sample set up times – as soon as 2:00 AM
  • Convenient sample drop off locations Substantial cost reduction realized with faster product release times 365-day laboratory operations
  • Real-time results available through Eurofins OnLine
  • Full-service provider for all your food safety needs

Here’s how it works in five simple steps:

  1. Package your sample and place it in your designated outbound shipping spot at your production plant.

  2. Due to our unique partnership, UPS will pick up your samples at a time convenient to your production schedule.

  3. Eurofins has access to your samples directly from the UPS hub with deliveries arriving at the facility as early as 1:30am.

  4. Our 3rd shift microbiologists immediately begin sample registration, preparation, and testing. This results in test start times up to 6-11 hours faster than other laboratories that receive shipped samples at normal 10:00 AM delivery times.

  5. Test results will be sent straight to your email inbox before you even arrive at work. Eurofins OnLine, our 24/7 results portal, serves as a report repository and communication module ready to display real-time intermediate results as they complete in the lab.

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